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Our Mission

We are dedicated to offering our clients customized strategies to their individual challenges of wealth accumulation and management. Our goal is to have a significant impact on helping our clients work towards both their financial and life goals. As a result each and every representative and employee, pride themselves on following Seven Principles when working with both Clients and prospective Clients:

Principle I - Integrity
We understand that clients and prospective clients place us in a position of trust and confidence. The ultimate source of such trust is in each of our personal integrity. Certainly there will be times of innocent error or differences of opinion but integrity cannot co-exist with deceit or subordination of one's principles. Each representative and employee, has been in the financial services industry for more than fifteen years, and has been respected by their peers for his/her integrity.

Principle II - Objectivity

We believe that impartial and unbiased advice is critical for us to achieve the trust needed to develop the type of partnership that is crucial to the success of any professional relationship. That is why we have affiliated with LPL Financial, the nation's leading Independent source for Financial Services. It is important to note that LPL Financial offers no financial products of its own so that we can concentrate our efforts on understanding our client's individual financial goals and offering objective solutions.

Principle III - Competence
We have over 100 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. Each representative continues to build upon his experience through continued education, earning degrees such as Certified Financial Planner or Chartered Financial Consultant. With both work experience and continued education the advisor can effectively apply that knowledge in providing solid and objective advice to our clients. Competence also includes the wisdom to recognize the limitations of that knowledge and when consultation or client referral is appropriate.

Principle IV - Fairness
Fairness is a trait of any quality professional. It requires impartiality, intellectual honesty and disclosure of conflict(s) of interest. Each advisor performs professional services in a manner that is fair and reasonable to clients, associates, and those companies that we are working with.

Principle V - Confidentiality
Client relationships are built upon the understanding that information supplied to us, will be held confidential. In order to provide effective service to our clients it is imperative that we safeguard a relationship of personal trust.

Principle VI - Professionalism
We are ever mindful of our responsibility to conduct all matters in a way that shall reflect credit to ourselves, our associates, and our professions. We are proud of the services that we provide and are attentive to our responsibility to behave with dignity and courtesy to all those who use those services, fellow professionals, and those in related professions.

Principle VII - Diligence
Diligence is the provision of services in a reasonably prompt and thorough manner. We act diligently in providing clients with proper planning advice, helping them with their individual challenges of wealth management in a timely manner.