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Managed Portfolios Through LPL Financial Wrap Account Platform

An account in which we, at Fox River Financial Consultants, LLC, utilizing LPL Financial's robust investment platform, implement and manage an investor's portfolio for a small percentage charge based on the value of the account quarterly. This fee covers all administrative, commission, and management expenses. Sometimes this also includes funds of funds. Choosing from thousands of No-Load Funds, Load waived Funds, Institutional Class Funds, ETFs and closed end funds we construct a Strategic Asset Allocation portfolio to match your individual needs, goals and risk tolerance.

The advantage of a wrap is that it protects you from overtrading. With this approach both the Client and the Advisor share the same desire to grow safely the value of the account. If the account grows, our firm earns additional revenue while having to accept less in the years when the financial markets take back some of the growth we may have accumulated. A traditional wrap typically requires an initial investment of at least $25,000 or more.

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